Google fund CT4L's Computer Science for High School proposal for $19,000

Google will support this collaboration with Queen's University Belfast to encourage willing but unconfident teachers to make a start on programming to encourage the development of computational thinking

The CTWINS (‘Computational Thinking Wins’ or ‘Coding Twins’) project aims to develop confidence in post-­primary educators in their use of computational thinking to solve problems, with a focus on competence in computer programming and designing spreadsheets. The project will begin with a face­-to-­face launch workshop to join a new cross border online community of practice. Then over ten weeks, participants develop solutions in remote pairs, seeking expertise from the online community. Results will be shared at a face­-to-­face exhibition event for the whole community. The project will be evaluated for its effect on building the confidence in participating educators, indicated by their willingness to consider more challenging courses in computational thinking and self­-directed learning.