About CTwins


This project is a cross-border initiative targeting teachers of subjects other than Computing in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland that aims to develop confidence in educators’ capacity to use computational thinking.


Through a playful and supportive introduction to computer programming. This will be done through paired learning exercises with an output intender to be aesthetically pleasing and fulfilling.

Learning will be supported by an online community of practice. The project will be evaluated for its effect on building the confidence in participating educators and the design and resources will be created as an open educational resource.

We are CTwins

We’re happy to present our team of experts. A small community of diverse educators, researchers, and expert programmers.

Richard Millwood

Project Lead (TCD)

Pamela Cowan

Project Lead (QUB)

Nina Bresnihan

Research Lead

Glenn Strong

Proramming Expert (TCD)

Mag Amond (TCD)


James Crook

Proramming Expert (TCD)

Elizabeth Oldham

Education Expert (TCD)

Meabh McCaffery-Lau (NI Screen Education (Digiskills NI))

Creative adviser & facilitator