Meet CTwins

A project made by teachers. For teachers.


The CTwins project is a cross-border initiative targeting teachers of subjects other than Computing in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland that aims to develop confidence in educators’ capacity to use computational thinking through a playful and supportive introduction to computer programming.

How it works?

Find a Twin and get creative

Find a Twin and get creative

You are going to develop your confidence by working with another teacher like you. After meeting at the launch event, your twin will take turns with you to make a computer program you can both be proud of. You are going to make a work of art using the programming language Scratch. The outcome will be presented in an exhibition to share with the other teachers at the end of the project.

Make a plan

Make a plan

You will explore together the artistic tradition of using an 'alphabet plastique' - a collection of shapes and colours that are then combined to make an interesting picture. At the launch event, sketch your ideas for a work of art and share with your twin - you'll need to settle on an idea you both like. Start with simple steps - make one shape using one colour and show it on the computer screen using Scratch. Taking turns to add further parts week-by-week or take a back seat and drive your twin!

Online community for support

Online community for support when you need it

When you get stuck, you can go online and ask your twin, your school colleagues or the project's facilitator and experts for help. Review your work, explain to your twin what you have done and agree the next step. Look out for requests from others to help them with something you have learnt. Learn how to look up help and examples of other programmers' work from the internet.

Ready to start?